What’s your idea of heaven? Being wrapped in a cosy blanket with a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly winter’s day? Lying on a bed of soft, fragrant, grass under a warm, summer’s breeze? Lazing on a golden beach watching the waves break over the sand?

If you’re like anything like me your reality is a world away from any of those scenes. My days are spent glued to a computer with nothing more exciting than a concrete wall to stare at. That’s my day job, which occupies me for four days a week. The rest of the time I like to write romantic stories, stories I hope will uplift the heart and nourish the soul. My goal is to transport my readers, for a few hours, from their daily grind to a more exotic location.

My stories feature strong and feisty, but imperfect, women and the men worthy of their love. I love to lace my stories with a liberal dose of my slightly dry British humour and incorporate some of the amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

But who is this desk-bound, daydreaming, wannabe wanderer?

As a child, I loved to go to the cinema to see “The Sound of Music” with my grandma. Unfortunately, she lived a fair distance away from us so I didn’t get to visit her that often but we must have seen that film together about ten times. Other favourite movies were Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, each one triggering my imagination and appealing to my daydreamy romantic nature. So it was inevitable that I would eventually start writing my own stories.

I was born in Yorkshire, England but to be honest, other than jumping off dry stone walls on the moors, I don’t have many memories of living there (I moved home a LOT when I was young!). But I’ve lived in some pretty amazing places including a creaky old 16th-century former coaching inn where the pilgrims used to rest on their way from London to Canterbury. 

Now my home is in Western Australia near Perth, considered one of the most remote capital cities in the world. I have two handsome grown-up sons, two beautiful grandchildren and a wonderful partner, a Yorkshireman who’s helping me rediscover my Northern English roots.

Things that put a smile on my face and bring me joy include (not in any particular order), family, chocolate, hot cups of tea, ginger biscuits, champagne, Paris, cake, flowers and a good love story. I also have lots of hobbies such as photography, bullet journalling, lettering, gardening – all which will probably feature in my blog from time to time.

I’m so excited to have you along on this journey! Who knows where this will lead? Maybe I’ll even be able to give up my concrete wall at the office and do this full time (there…that’s my idea of heaven!).

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