About Victoria

I’ve always loved a good love story. As a kid one of my most favourite things to do was to go to see “The Sound of Music” with my grandma. We must have seen that film together about ten times. Other favourite movies were Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, each triggering my imagination so it was inevitable that I would eventually start making up my own stories.

I was born in a coal-mining town in Yorkshire, England. My dad was a civil engineer and worked on contracts around the country so we didn’t stay in that part of the world for very long. In fact by the time I was five years old I had lived in five houses, which probably triggered off my wanderlust.

Fast forward a few more years, a few more moves, my parents’ divorce and I was living in my new stepfather’s house, a big old rambling house on the Pilgrim’s Way in Kent. There I would stay for the rest of my childhood. I loved that old house, once a coaching inn for the pilgrims who used to travel from London to Canterbury. With seven acres of land and lots of trees to climb I was in tomboy heaven. My stepfather told me the remains of Black Beauty, Dick Turpin’s horse, were buried in the garden.

Later we moved to Malta and then at the grand old age of seventeen I decided it was time to set off on my own. I spent three months in Switzerland followed by several months in Paris and then I moved back to London to share a flat with a friend and soon after I met my future husband.

After having children we settled down in rural East Sussex but I soon realised that my sense of adventure wasn’t yet ready to settle down. We packed up our bags and children and moved to Australia. I loved my new country but unfortunately my husband didn’t so much and returned back to England, alone.

So I ended up as a single mum to my two boys, which had it’s own set of challenges but we all survived my rather hit and miss parenting skills. Now the boys are all grown up and I have two gorgeous grandkids. I also have a lovely man who I met on an online dating site nearly six years ago. We’re a great match as he too has the travel bug so we’re always shooting off somewhere…and he’s also from Yorkshire!




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