image by Arno Smit - Unsplash

13 She Sheds to Drool Over

Have you noticed that over the past few years the old garden shed has been getting a makeover? Gone are the cobwebs, piles of compost and broken flowerpots, replaced by carpet, wall art and furniture. The garden shed has become a room in its own right, and no longer the exclusive domain of the man in the house. Garden sheds are becoming distinctly girly.

But what can a She-shed be used for? Well, in our busy lives we could all use a quiet space. Somewhere we can go to escape life’s hurly-burly and reconnect with ourselves.

A She-shed can be used for art and craft projects, as a sewing room, a photography studio, a writing room, a reading room or even a place to just sit and enjoy your garden. And, if gardening is your thing, then you could create an amazing potting shed.

You could bring the outdoors inside with gorgeous pot plants and freshly- cut flowers, or even loop garlands of pretty paper flowers around the walls. There’s nothing stopping you from hanging artwork on the walls. Check out Etsy for cheap printable art you can download to your computer and print out straight away.

For decoration you could spruce up an old, but comfy, sofa with luxurious cushions and gorgeous soft throws. Think beautiful textures and rich, warm colours. Or you could make it an exotic Arabian nights-style interior with Moroccan hanging lanterns, rich deep colours and low cushions or bean bags. This could be your special place to unwind and practice some meditation or yoga.

Decorate the walls in soft pastel shades to invoke a feeling of peace and calm. Forage for old and pretty items in secondhand or bric-a-brac stores. The great thing about she-sheds is that they’re small so don’t need a lot to make them special. If you want to use your shed for storage then look for compact yet adjustable storage units such as shelves that will fit into a corner or can be mounted around the walls.

Some enterprising people have even transformed their old shed into business premises such as this tiny antique store.

The owners of this shed converted it into cosy guest accommodation.

Here are some more fab examples I found on Instagram and Pinterest to inspire you.