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5 Amazing & Romantic Flashmob Marriage Proposals

I don’t want to give too much away but my short read – The Family Plan (which you can get for FREE as a thank you for signing up to my newsletter here) features a flash-mob proposal. I had so much fun researching this part of the book!

The truth is I’m totally fascinated by flash mobs and often get caught into a time-suck watching them on You Tube.  So here are my five favourite flash-mob proposals.

Make sure you have sound turned on, sit back and enjoy…

1) This flash mob is simple but the amount of love oozing from the performers gives it such warmth and soul. It’s a truly heart-warming performance to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” song.

What I love so much about this video is how much thought and effort must have gone into its execution. The timing is so perfect yet appears natural. They even have absent family and friends showing up on laptop screens doing “the dance”. This lucky lady is clearly well-loved by all.


2) In this next wedding proposal flash mob the tides are turned on the organiser.

Wasn’t her reaction priceless? She obviously never suspected a thing! In this one the dancers looked like professionals to this untrained eye …Bruno Mars’ song is clearly a favourite for flash-mob proposals!

3) Katie is just going for a quiet drink with her friends when this flashmob takes place. It made me wonder how all the family and friends involved managed to keep it such a secret! Oh and this one DOESN’T feature Bruno Mars’ song!

4) This proposal doesn’t get more public. The future bride is taken on stage with her partner as audience participation in a campus capella performance. She discovers her man has talents she never knew about!

5 This last proposal comes from London’s Oxford Street. The future bride looks an introverted type and a tad awkward during this one but it still brought a cheesy grin to my face. Even so, I can’t help wondering if she would have preferred a more private proposal.

So what do you think? Would you like to be proposed in this way or would you prefer something more low-key and private?


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