My Top 5 Favourite Bullet Journal Websites

I’ve now been bullet journalling for over a year and have found so many wonderful websites to help me.  Some bullet journal bloggers are incredibly generous and will provide templates for spreads as well as giving you tons of advice and inspiration on how to fill your pages and make them pretty, no matter what your artistic skills are.

Here are my 5 favourite websites for learning and improving my bullet journal skills. I’ve tried to avoid sites with tons of annoying ads popping up everywhere as I really get irritated by those sites. I know bloggers have to make a crust but really, do they need so many ads?

Naturally I should start with the bullet journal creator, Ryder Carroll’s website.  Here’s the best place to start your bullet journal journey. Watch the video and learn how it’s meant to be done. Then you can take what parts would be useful to you and leave the rest.

Little Coffee Fox

Kayla, the founder of Little Coffee Fox has created a beautiful website packed with inspiration, tutorials, information about supplies. It’s still my “go to” place for all things bullet journally!

Teal Notes

This isn’t just a bullet journal website but it’s packed with inspiring bullet journal content such as printables, tutorials and ideas for spreads. There’s also lots of inspiration to help you make your bullet journal pretty. Teal Notes is a bright, colourful website…one where you’ll end up spending hours soaking it all in.

Side Real Life

Again this is not just a bullet journal website. Sidereal Life is a lifestyle website with lots of other things besides bullet journals. The are lots of great ideas for bullet journallers such as how to incorporate quotes into your bullet journals, how to time block and how to spice up your headers.

Hannah Emily Lane

I like this website because it’s so creative and pretty! Hannah is a 23 year old blogger from the UK. Apart from her bullet journal posts, she has travel articles, and lifestyle articles. But I loved the post where she takes us through her bullet journal.

Have you found any great bullet journal websites? I’d love to hear from you in the comments if so!

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