5 Simple, Yet Amazingly Practical Travel Tips

In a few days I will be making the mammoth trip from Australia to England, a trip I’ve made multiple times before so I thought I’d share 5 simple, yet incredibly practical travelling tips.

1. Pack a Powerboard.

For most of us, normal life involves multiple gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, cameras etc. all of which need charging. The problem though, is that the average hotel room will probably have just one or two power sockets. So, to enable you to plug in multiple items at once, pack a power board. They’re reasonably lightweight and can easily be slipped down the side of your suitcase.

Remember, though, that different countries have different voltages and use different plugs so check that your appliances will work in the country you’re visiting and take an appropriate travel adaptor. A good reference source to find out what system is used in the country you’re travelling to is www.power-plugs-sockets.com

Also, make sure the powerboard you take has surge protection. The electrics in the country you’re going to may not be as good as back home so don’t risk frying your appliances. Also, don’t piggy back your powerboard with a secondary board or double adaptors. Many fires have been caused by overloading power points.

2. Buy a Headphones Adaptor

I hate the headphones you get on the plane. Invariably they’re uncomfortable and don’t stay in position so I bought an adaptor and now use my own comfy earbuds.

Headphones adaptors are available for a low cost from electronics stores or online.

3. Pack Earplugs and an Eyemask.

They’re great for helping you get some shut eye on a long plane journey. They’re also useful for noisy hotel rooms. I was recently in a hotel on a very busy road. It was also unusually hot and the hotel didn’t have air-conditioning so we had to leave the window open overnight but thanks to earplugs I didn’t hear a thing!

I love Muffles earplugs available from Boots the Chemist. These are made from a wax substance that can be warmed in the hands then moulded to fit comfortably in the ear. Tip: they’re also great if you share your bed with a snorer! Unfortunately, there isn’t a Boots the Chemist here in Western Australia so whenever I’m in the UK or in Asia, I stock up.

4. Pack Bottles of Liquids and Lotions in Snap-Lock Bags

I transfer shampoos and other liquids into small travelling containers to save space and weight then I stash them in zip-lock bags to limit any damage caused by leaks. No matter how well I screw up the stoppers some of the contents always tends to escape.

5. Pack a Turbie Twist.

A Turbie Twist is a turban for drying hair. It’s made from microfiber and is invaluable for travelling.
How many times have you stayed somewhere and either been provided with just one towel or maybe also given a second towel but the size of a handkerchief? Travelling with a Turbie Twist makes washing your hair so much easier as, despite its size, it absorbs a lot of water.

Here in Western Australia they’re available from Big W but I know you can also get them online at Amazon.

If you have any good travelling tips please share in the comments section below.


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