5 terrific websites where you can download a variety of ebooks, in various genres, for free….without breaking any laws

5 Phenomenal Websites for Free (Legit) eBooks

I’m going to share with you 5 terrific websites where you can download a variety of ebooks, in various genres, for free….without breaking any laws.

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that during the Covid 19 pandemic many people turned to books. During 2020 people read more than ever before whether because they sought entertainment, escapism or just to fill time.

Of course, this is not a bad thing. There are many benefits to reading such as:

  • Creates empathy. You’re right there, in the characters’ heads living their life, seeing what they see and experiencing all their ups and downs.
  • Reading stimulates the imagination.
  • Helps improve vocabulary.
  • Can improve problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Science has proven that reading can help relieve stress.

So here’s the list of my top five places to get free books. Most of these will require you to sign up to their service.




Explaining how to find free ebooks in Amazon can be tricky because it depends on which site you’re using (eg amazon.com amazon.co.uk amazon.ca etc) and which device (pc, phone, tablet). However, I found typing something like “Kindle free books” in the search bar came up with results. You can also add a genre in there to narrow the search down. “Kindle free romance books” or “kindle free best sellers top 100”. If you just type “kindle free” and wait a moment then Amazon will provide some options for you.

If you’re after classic literature you can check out this link


Book Cave


Prolific Works

Prolific Works has a newsletter which you can subscribe to. Each email focusses on specific genres.  Romance on Mondays, Tuesdays, it’s mystery, crime, and thriller genres. On Wednesdays, they send two emails: one to readers interested in the fantasy, paranormal, and horror genres, and one to those interested in science fiction, comics, and graphic novels. On Thursdays, the newsletter focusses on all subgenres of young adult fiction. And on Friday, they send out a recap of all group giveaways that were highlighted throughout the week.





This site is mainly for classic literature.


Hopefully you will find lots of great reading material and maybe discover your new favourite author! Remember the best way to thank an author for providing their book for free is by giving them an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads or other booksites that allow reviews. If you need help writing a review check out this article.