Book Deals

This is the page to come to when you’re looking for books to download either for free or at a low cost. Some will be Amazon-only deals, some will be for Amazon Unlimited subscribers and some will be books you can download for free in varying formats. However, as these deals are only available for a short period, bookmark this page and check back regularly for new deals. You can also subscribe to my email group below to receive regular updates straight to your in box.

Current Book Deals

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Click here for details of the huge selection of great romance reads on offer. Runs from 14 May to 11 June

Why do authors offer their books for free or just 99c?

As you can imagine, sitting down to write a book is no mean feat. It can sometimes take months or years to complete a book. So why would an author give all that work away for free? Well, writers often do so to gain a following of loyal readers. If a reader loves a book from a particular author they will often look for others by that same author. So it can be a win-win situation. The reader gets to discover amazing and talented authors and authors get a loyal following.

One way to thank the authors of books you love is by sharing details of the book with your friends and on social media, and also by writing reviews. You can find a helpful post on writing reviews here.