Banish The Winter Chills With This Nutrient-Packed Cauliflower and Sweet-Potato Soup

Here in Perth, where I live, we’re heading towards summer which usually means searing dry heat and trips to the beach to cool off, however the weather’s not going to stop me making this wholesome, yet very yummy soup for a nutritious, quick meal. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, the cauliflower is an amazingly versatile vegetable. It can be roasted, steamed, fried or baked and yet it’s relatively low in calories.

This super-easy, yet totally delicious soup teams cauliflower with sweet potato and, if you are somewhere wintery, it’ll prove just the recipe to banish those winter chills.

Served with fresh crusty bread it’s perfect for a light supper or a lunch. It also freezes well. I freeze in individual portions and pull one out in the evenings when I don’t feel like cooking.

  • Ready in 30 minutes
  • 8 generous portions


    • 1 cauliflower – washed and broken into florets
    • 1 litre of chicken stock
    • 400 grams sweet potato washed and chopped into chunks (I leave the peel on for added fibre but you can peel if you prefer)
    • 100 grams (approx) of natural yoghurt
    • 1 medium onion cut into quarters
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Milk to thin the soup if required


    1. Put all the vegetables into a large pan and cover with the chicken stock.
    1. Bring to the boil then simmer gently until  the vegetables are soft.
    1. Once the vegetables are cooked, turn off the heat and blend the vegetables until smooth either with a stick blender or with a potato masher. Don’t panic if there are any small lumps as they will add texture of the soup.
  1. Now it’s time to do some tasting. This mixture can be a little on the sweet side so if you prefer a tangier flavour you can add natural yoghurt. Start by adding a tablespoon and blending it into the purée, then taste and add more if required. If you prefer the richer, sweeter taste you can add milk or cream instead of the yoghurt. The secret is to add yoghurt or milk gradually. Remember you can always add more but you can’t take it out!
  2. Season with salt and pepper to taste.



  • This is quite a thick soup so add a little milk if you want to thin it down.
  • Reheat, if necessary, on a low heat. Don’t let it boil or the yoghurt or cream will curdle. 
  • Serve with fresh crusty bread.
  • This soup can be freezed.