Book Review - The Garden of Hopes & Dreams by Barbara Hannay

Book Review: The Garden of Hopes & Dreams by Barbara Hannay

The residents of an apartment block in Brisbane, Australia, keep to themselves, each dealing with their own issues. Vera, the widow of a farmer, was “encouraged” to move from her outback Queensland home to the city, by her son and his wife, who now run the farm. Another resident, Maddie, is nursing a broken heart. Meanwhile, up on the roof, Ned spends most of his time nurturing his bees and worm farms. 

The Garden of Hopes & Dreams by Barbara Hannay

When a residents’ meeting is called to discuss developing a community garden on the roof, there are mixed reactions. Officious Nancy thinks it’s a terrible idea, but nature-loving couple Joe and Dennis love the idea. Eventually, the residents come together as the garden develops. The plants and the community enrich their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It features some well-drawn, interesting characters of differing ages and backgrounds. I particularly enjoyed reading about Vera’s past, from privilege in England to a tough life on the land in Queensland. It illustrated what a strong character she is. I liked Ned’s gentle yet attractive character. Young Henry, Vera’s grandson, provided some light-hearted moments. The main character, Maddie, was likeable, although I despaired of her not spotting what was glaringly obvious to us readers: that Adam was a real tosser!!

Recommended reading !