Committing to the 100 Day Project

This year, #the100dayproject officially began on the 13th February. My version started a few days later, but, in reality, it can start whenever you like. If you haven’t heard of it, the brief is simple. You choose a creative project and commit to doing it every day for 100 days. You are also encouraged to share your daily work online with the hashtag #the100dayproject.

The official site can be found at where you will find further details. On this website there are also suggestions for projects if you’re not sure what creative project you’d like to do. They also recommend you choose a project that will only take about ten minutes a day to complete so that you keep the daily commitment manageable.

Committing to the #100dayproject

For my 100 day project, I’m simply committing to do some art every day. Some days I will spend a while on my artwork, and other days I just do something quick. These florals (above) were super-quick to paint in Procreate on my iPad and so much fun! I love this colour palette! Creating florals like these also gives me an opportunity to experiment with some of the texture brushes I’ve acquired. These were from Lisa Glanz’s Instant Artist set, available from Design Cuts (click on the image to check it out further).

I’ve decided not to share my daily art online (other than the images on here) and instead I have created a notebook in Good Notes where I can save all my images. I can also add notes to help me remember what I was thinking that day. The reason I don’t intend to share online, is that sometimes my artwork isn’t finished but I still put the unfinished version into my notebook. I then like to add the finished version next to it when it’s done. Here’s an example page in case you’re interested in doing this yourself.

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And here are a few more of my daily art projects completed so far:

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