Clock at Musee D'Orsay
I love travelling; discovering new places and revisiting old favourites. I particularly love France, having spent some time there when younger. I’ve even created a blog to record my French travels. Click here to visit French Rambles. So even though Europe is a never ending, expensive flight from Perth (nearly 20 hours) I still never pass up the opportunity to go whenever I can.


A Quick Tour of New Zealand in Pictures (and some words!)

New Zealand is one of the most stunningly beautiful countries I’ve visited with its craggy mountains and glaciers in the South Island and the boiling geysers and rolling hills of the North Island. Read More »

8 Simple, Yet Amazingly Practical Travel Tips

Off on a long flight or journey? Check out these awesome tips to make your trip smoother and hassle-free. Read More »

9 Super Helpful Tips To Lift Your Travel Photos From Umm to Awesome!

Are you happy with your travel photos? If the answer is no, check out these super simple tips and tricks to shoot travel photos you can be proud of.Read More »

Afternoon Tea at Betty's in Yorkshire

There is something quintessentially British about afternoon tea, especially in a quaint British tearoom.Read More »

10 Quite interesting facts about London

Samuel Johnson, the 18th century English writer, once wrote “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life”. He may have been onto something there. I always find London has an exciting vibe that just fills me with energy. Plus there’s so much to see and do, whether you’re into cultural pursuits or pleasurable. Read More »

Travel Album - Perth

I love travelling, as you will discover if you visit me here on a regular basis.Read More »

Getting Drenched Discovering Roman Britain

I’ve never seen Hadrian’s Wall. So when, during an autumnal visit to Northumberland in England, I was given the opportunity to join a party planning a gentle stroll around a section of Hadrian’s Wall I eagerly accepted.Read More »

A Weekend at Langley Castle

As I write this I’m back in my homeland, England, staying in Langley Castle, a 14th century castle in Northumberland in the North of England.Read More »

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