Clock at Musee D'Orsay
I love travelling; discovering new places and revisiting old favourites. I particularly love France, having spent some time there when younger. I’ve even created a blog to record my French travels. Click here to visit French Rambles. So even though Europe is a never ending, expensive flight from Perth (nearly 20 hours) I still never pass up the opportunity to go whenever I can.


Afternoon Tea at Betty's in Yorkshire

There is something quintessentially British about afternoon tea, especially in a quaint British tearoom.Read More »

10 Quite interesting facts about London

Samuel Johnson, the 18th century English writer, once wrote “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life”. He may have been onto something there. I always find London has an exciting vibe that just fills me with energy. Plus there’s so much to see and do, whether you’re into cultural pursuits or pleasurable. Read More »

5 Simple, Yet Amazingly Practical Travel Tips

In a few days I will be making the mammoth trip from Australia to England, a trip I’ve made multiple times before so I thought I’d share 5 simple, yet incredibly practical travelling tips.Read More »

Travel Album - Perth

I love travelling, as you will discover if you visit me here on a regular basis.Read More »

Getting Drenched Discovering Roman Britain

I’ve never seen Hadrian’s Wall. So when, during an autumnal visit to Northumberland in England, I was given the opportunity to join a party planning a gentle stroll around a section of Hadrian’s Wall I eagerly accepted.Read More »

A Weekend at Langley Castle

As I write this I’m back in my homeland, England, staying in Langley Castle, a 14th century castle in Northumberland in the North of England.Read More »

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