Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. Here are some fun facts about this vibrant modern city.

Discover Perth – 7 Fun Facts

I love travelling, as you will soon realise if you visit this site regularly. I love airports, hotel rooms, little sachets of shampoo, mini bars…I even love aeroplane meals… weird, huh? But I am also lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world. Perth, Western Australia. 

However, Perth is a place that many people know very little about. I can recall showing someone from Canada photos of Perth and it surprised them to learn we actually had high-rise buildings! Perth may be a small city, but it’s modern.

Here are the 7 fun facts about Perth (and Western Australia).

1) Perth is the most remote city in the world. Just to clarify that, before you all email me to tell me it’s not true, I’m talking about other cities with a population of over 100,000. The nearest place with that criteria is Adelaide, which is 2,100 km (1,305 miles) away.

Fremantle Markets

2) The longest jetty in the world, at 1.8 kms, is in Busselton, Western Australia which is a couple of hours drive south of Perth.

3) Western Australia’s most venomous spider, the Redback, is a relation of the Black Widow spider of North America. The Redback likes to hide under window sills, eaves of houses. You can usually tell they’re around by their webs which are usually very messy and strong. Their bite, whilst it can be painful, is rarely fatal unless the victim is elderly, infirm or a child.

4) Western Australia is the 2nd largest State in the World.

Kangaroo Paw

5) Perth has the world’s largest inner-city park. Again, before you all write in to correct me here, I’m talking INNER CITY park. Perched on the top of a hill, Kings Park has some amazing views over the City and the Swan River.

The treetop walk in King’s Park
View of Swan River and Perth from Kings Park

6) Western Australia is HUGE!! Western Australia’s land area is 2.646 million sq. km whereas the land area of Texas is 678,000 sq. km. If Western Australia was a country it would be in the top 10 largest in the world.

7) Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city.